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What are Bano Weekly Promotions?

What are Bano Weekly Promotions?

Weekly Promotion Overview

  1. Announcement: Every week, Bano selects a chain of stores where users can earn additional cashback on top of the usual card spend rewards.
  2. Location of Announcement: These chosen stores are announced both in-app at the bottom of the homepage and on Bano's Instagram account (@banosuperapp) one week before the promotion starts.
  3. Spend and Earn: To qualify for the cashback, Bano users must make purchases at these specific stores during the promotion week.
  4. Instant Cashback: Cashback rewards are generally transferred instantly into your Bano account, unless specified otherwise.

Additional Information:

  • Other Rules: Specific weekly promotions might have additional terms and conditions. It's essential to read the weekly descriptions for each promotion to understand the full details.
  • Customer Support: If, for some reason, you don't receive your cashback during a weekly promotion, don't hesitate to reach out to Customer Support for assistance.
  • Promotional T&Cs: To learn more about the terms and conditions for promotions, please visit this link.

Note: Bano is not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned in its weekly promotions. Any use of brand names or trademarks is purely for identification and reference. Bano is the sole provider of the cashback rewards associated with these promotions.

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