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How Can I Invite a Friend and Receive a $10 Referral Reward + $50 Additional Reward?

How Can I Invite a Friend and Receive a $10 Referral Reward + $50 Additional Reward?

Referral Programme Overview

Our referral programme allows you to earn a $10 referral bonus, with the possibility of an additional $50 reward for each set of 10 referrals made within a calendar month.

Additional $50 Reward: Successfully invite 10 individuals within a calendar month, and you will earn an additional $50, totalling up to $150 per month.

Steps to Participate as Inviters

  1. Open the Bano App and navigate to your profile.
  2. Click on the 'Invite Friends' option.
  3. Share the invitation link or code with your chosen contacts.
  4. Receiving the Bonus: You will receive a $10 bonus in your Bano account once the invitee meets the specified conditions.

Steps to Participate as Invitees

  1. Download the Bano App via the invitation link.
  2. Sign up for a Bano account.
  3. Complete at least two transactions of $5 AUD or more using your Bano VISA Card.
  4. Complete one split bill (not a manual split bill) within the Bano App.
  5. Receiving the Bonus: After fulfilling these conditions, a $10 bonus will be credited to your Bano account instantly.

Rules and Conditions

  1. Who Can Invite Friends?
    • All Bano users.
  2. Who Can Be Invited?
    • Individuals who haven’t registered with Bano.
  3. Any Limits?
    • No upper limit to the number of friends you can invite. Note that only the first 10,000 invitees will trigger the bonus.
  4. Eligibility Determination
    • Eligibility and requirements for the referral activity, as well as the cash bonus received, will be determined based on Bano's system records.
  5. Final Interpretation
    • Bano reserves the right to final interpretation of these rules.
  6. Conditions for Inviters and Invitees
    • Invitee must download the Bano App via the invitation link and sign up.
    • Invitee must log into the Bano App, enter the inviter’s invitation code, and open a Bano account.
    • Invitee must make at least two transactions over $5 AUD with either their physical or virtual Bano VISA Card.
    • Invitee must complete a split bill on a bill paid using their Bano VISA Card (not a manual split bill).
  7. Bonus Allocation
    • Once the invitee and inviter both meet the requisite conditions, a $10 bonus will be instantly transferred into both their Bano accounts.
    • If the inviter doesn't have a successfully opened Bano account, neither the inviter nor the invitee will receive the $10 bonus until the inviter's Bano application is complete.


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